Octordle Game

Octordle Game

Playing educational word games is always entertaining,challenging and at the same time gives you benefits like learning new words and making your brain and memory more sharp. Today I would like to speak about the famous Octordle Game which was released some time ago but already has a huge popularity and love of thousands of people all around the world. In fact, Octordle is a variation of the famous wordle game with a more challenging gameplay and more difficult quests. The mission of the players in this game is to find the hidden words. To achieve the victory you must find 8 words which are hidden on the board within 13 tries. If you think that this is an easy task, you are going to lose. Keep in mind that our website offers only the web version of the game but you can download it on your smartphones to play in offline more too. The vocabulary of the game is rather huge so you won't get bored playing this game again and again.

How to play Octordle Game ?

As I have already mentioned, you must find 8 hidden words in 13 tries. Keep in mind that each box for letters contain only 5 squares - this means that you can only write 5-letter words there. The hidden words also have 5 letters. But how to find all those words ? You must follow the special clues. Every time you type in a new word, it is being copied into 8 tables and all the letters change their colors. Use these color clues below to find the hidden words.
The letter turns [Gray] - it is not used in the target hidden word.
The letter turns [Yellow] - it is in the target word, but it is in the wrong position.
The letter turns [Green] - it is in the right place.

Enjoy the full version of the Octordle Game for free at our website and don't forget to share your thoughts about it. Our website is going to grow bigger soon so we will add some other similar games that's why adding it to bookmarks is a great idea.

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